As of September 2019, Ontario has become the fourth province to introduce digital proof of auto insurance. The digitalization of the insurance pink slip provides drivers with the option to keep their proof of insurance on their mobile phone. However, drivers will still have the choice of carrying around a paper pink slip if they prefer it in comparison to a digital pink slip. This decision is meant to reduce the hassle of looking and rummaging for the paper pink slip whenever drivers need to show proof of insurance. 


What You Need To Know

In today’s digital age, there are always additional concerns that can come with digitalizing any important piece of document. Yet, the government insists that privacy will be a priority for digital pink cards. Pink slips accessed digitally cannot be modified or duplicated. Drivers have the responsibility of ensuring that their personal information is safeguarded on their mobile devices by keeping their phones locked at all times with a passcode as well as protecting their device from theft.


Furthermore, Ontarians who are eliminating their paper pink cards must accept the responsibility of always ensuring that their mobile phone is charged and functional with a clear screen. If a police officer were to request proof of auto insurance, drivers must make sure they can easily access their pink slip on their mobile device.


It’s important to note that paper proof of insurance slips are not being eliminated yet, allowing drivers to have the option of carrying paper pink slips. If you are travelling out of province, it’s essential to carry a physical copy of the pink slip. Some provinces in Canada do not accept digital pink slips and require physical proof. It’s better to be safe than sorry, so make sure to carry around a hard copy of the proof of insurance at all times. 


What Now?

If you are interested in switching to a digital insurance slip, contact your insurance broker to about gaining access on your mobile device. If you have a policy with us, our trusted team can help you access your proof of insurance digitally. Contact us today!