You’d probably do anything to protect your home and your family. It’s your safe haven, a place to make memories, and the backdrop to your life. As the world becomes more digital and technological advancements are made, we can now use technology in many critical ways. And no, we’re not talking about streaming the latest movies or self-driving cars! We’re discussing how technology can give you the peace of mind that your home is protected in various circumstances. If you haven’t yet considered ways to use technology to protect your home, then we’ll share some ideas.


Here are five ways you can use smart technology to protect your home:


  1. Cameras


Whether it’s an intruder in your home or a porch pirate swiping packages, smart cameras can help make your property more secure. With surveillance tools like smart cameras, you can always keep an eye on your home, whether you’ve left for a few hours or if you’re away on an extended vacation. You can choose indoor or outdoor cameras or even both! With smart cameras, you can usually use your mobile device to view the surveillance of your cameras anytime. Traditional cameras typically don’t allow you to view your camera feed on your mobile device. They may require you to view the recordings on your television or computer (wherever they are stored).


  1. Alarm system


While you may have a traditional alarm system set up in your home, you may not have upgraded yet to a smart alarm system. The greatest advantage of a smart alarm system is that it can be connected to your mobile device, so you’ll get real-time updates even when you’re not at home. If someone sets off your window contact or motion sensors, you’ll know about it immediately. Meanwhile, with a traditional alarm system, when there’s a threat, you may not know about it until your alarm service provider calls you. With a smart alarm system, you’ll always be in tune with what’s happening in your home.


  1. Leak detector


It can be hard to stay on top of water leaks in areas of your home, like your basement, during a big storm or when your hot water tank leaks. And the cost of any damage to your home due to these leaks can be exorbitant. Not only could there be damage, but you could also lose any sentimental personal belongings considered irreplaceable – photos, family heirlooms, etc. But your response time to these leaks can make a big difference; what could be a major catastrophe could otherwise be dealt with quickly. This is where a smart water detector can help ease your mind. A smart water detector can alert you to this issue if there’s ever water where it shouldn’t be.


  1. Smoke alarm


Smart smoke alarms can help you protect your home from potential smoke or fire. This is a must-have smart device for your home to prevent life-threatening emergencies to your family as well as damage to your home. Older smoke alarm technology typically would alert you with a loud beeping sound. A smart smoke alarm will send these alerts directly to your smartphone. A smart alarm can help ensure you’ll know if there’s an issue, wherever you happen to be.


  1. Door locks


Door locks can be upgraded to smart locks. With smart locks, you can see when people unlock your door via your mobile phone. Not only can it keep your home more secure, but it’s also easier for you to unlock your door. Accessing your home without keys is extremely convenient when you want to go for a run or when your arms are full of groceries. Some smart locks can even recognize when you pull into the driveway and unlock the door for you automatically.


Smart Technology Can Save You Money


Like having a smoke alarm in your home, installing smart devices can help lower your home insurance premiums. Some insurance companies will offer you a discounted rate for having a security system. Others will also reward you for having various monitors installed. If you have a problem like a break-in or flood, these smart devices help reduce the damage by bringing it to your attention sooner. This allows the insurance company to save money and pass some of the savings on to you.


How to Purchase Home Insurance


Whether it’s smart technology or other protective measures like home insurance, there are plenty of ways to protect your home. As a homeowner, you may not know where to start when purchasing a home insurance policy. If you need some guidance, an insurance broker will act in your best interests and can find appropriate coverage options to help you choose the right home insurance for your needs. The Keller & Associates Insurance Brokers team has the experience and expertise to guide homeowners like yourself and help you find affordable home insurance options. Get in touch, and we’ll help you find the right protection.