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The Benefits Of Having Disability Insurance

What is Disability Insurance? Disability Income (DI) insurance is living death insurance designed to provide benefit payments (salary replacement) when the insured individual is unable to work due to a disability. A disability may result from an individual receiving either a serious injury or illness. But when an individual becomes disabled their Disability Income (DI) [...]

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The Real Reason You Need Automotive Insurance

The Primary Reason for Car Insurance Did you know that vehicle insurance has been compulsory since the 1930’s? Basically, vehicle insurance can include coverage for commercial and personal use cars, trucks, motorcycles and even classic vehicles. The primary reason for vehicle insurance is to provide financial protection against physical damage or bodily injury resulting from [...]

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What You Need to Know about Home Insurance during (and After) a Renovation

You’ve selected flooring and paint colours, put your items in storage and hired a contractor. Your major home renovation is about to begin but before the first wall gets broken down there’s one thing you may still need to do: speak with your home insurance provider. Coverage during Your Renovations Many home insurance policies, including [...]

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