From flooding to faulty plumbing systems and sewer backups, the risk of water damage for homes can be high. With the increase of severe weather conditions, it’s no wonder that water damage has become the main cause of home damage claims in Canada. Water damage can be very costly, which is why homeowners need to carry out the right preventative measures to minimize the chances of water damage for their homes.

Interior Preventative Measures

Safeguarding your home from water damage requires frequent interior maintenance. Use this handy checklist for home interior upgrades and preventative measures:

  • Invest in water monitors that can detect leaks and notify the homeowner
  • Assess the condition of your plumbing system for leaks and replace pipes if needed
  • Inspect all old home appliances’ hoses and consider replacing rubber hoses with steel braided hoses
  • During rainstorms and thaw season, be mindful of your water use to prevent water back-up
  • Regularly assess and reseal any gaps or cracks in the caulk on your bathtubs, showers and sinks

Exterior Preventative Measures

Preventing water damage also requires constant exterior inspection and maintenance. Particularly important before the winter months, ensuring your home’s exterior is well maintained will significantly reduce the risk of water damage:

  • Inspect your roof for damaged shingles that are loose or curled and replace them
  • Ensure your downspouts and gutters are clear of any debris
  • Drain all water from any garden hoses, sprinklers and pipes before the wintertime
  • Clear away any debris that may be blocking sewer drains
  • Confirm if your lot is adequately graded to direct water away from your home

Home Foundation And Basement Preventative Measures

Preventing any water damage to your home’s foundation and the basement is essential to protecting your overall property. Often, most leaks start at the home’s foundation and spread to the rest of your home. That’s why it is important to ensure you are regularly inspecting your home’s foundation and basement. To protect your foundation and basement from water damage:

  • Inspect your foundation and basement for any cracks that need to be repaired
  • Clear away any blockages on floor drains
  • Assess your basement for any leaks after rainstorms or during thaw periods
  • Regularly test the functionality of your sump pump to ensure it is directing water away from your basement
  • Install a backwater valve to prevent flooding and sewer back-up

The Bottom Line

Prevention is key to protecting your home from water damage. Performing these tasks consistently will decrease the risk of water damage occurring. To further prepare your home for the wintertime, read our blog “Top Tips To Winterize Your Home”. If you would like to file an insurance claim or discuss your insurance needs, our trusted team can help you. Contact us today!